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4.1 Getting started

To Sign up to CHRODIS platform for the first time only you have to carry the following steps:

Step 1: Creating your account

To create a personal account you have to click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” (see the screenshot below)

On this screen (see the screenshot below), users have to fill in all the fields (middle name is optional). You also have to introduce the code for the CAPTCHA to verify you are not a bot. Please, observe the CAPTCHA has several options in case you have some reading difficulties. Once filled, users can then click on the ‘SAVE’ button to continue.

Should any field contain a wrong value, a warning will appear so that the user can locate the field and correct its content as needed.



NOTE: Bear in mind that the email address registered will be used in the future to access to the platform.

Once your registration information has been saved, a message will be display on the screen informing that two mails have been sent to your address: one with your email address verification code; and a second one containing an automatically generated temporary password.


IMPORTANT: You will need both mails to complete the registration process (see the screenshot below).

Step 2: Account confirmation page

The first mail received, the email address verification, includes a link to follow or type in your usual navigator to activate your account (if the link is not clickable, you can copy and paste it into your browser's address box which also includes your verification code.

Users are expected to validate the code activating the account. This can be done by clicking on the “activation link” contained in the first email. This will lead them to a screen with a field text ready for that validation code (see the screenshot below).

Clicking on the ‘VERIFY’ button, you will be required to provide the temporary password to sign in the CHRODIS platform for the first time.

Text of the verification mail:

Dear <name surname>,

Please verify your email address for <CHRODIS platform location> at <activation link>
Your verification code is <verification code>.




PLEASE: Be aware that if you have not received the verification mail, you should contact the help desk manager for assistance.


Step 3: New password

The first time you log in the CHRODIS platform, you will be asked for the temporary password provided in the second mail (see the screenshot below).  

Text of the mail containing the temporary account password:

Dear <name surname>,

Welcome! You recently created an account at <CHRODIS platform location>. Your password is <password> Enjoy!


You will be requested to update the temporary system-provided password with a new personal one. After that, the system will ask the user to select a security question; should they lose the password, the system will confront them with that question, being necessary to answer it correctly to have a password back. Once introduced, the user can click on the ‘SAVE’ button (see the screenshot below).


If there are no further problems, at this moment the user is granted access to the platform and should be facing the dashboard page.


NOTE: Once signed in, users can modify their passwords at any time within their Profile menu, under the Password section

From that moment on, you will be asked for your mail address and new password in order to log in.

Step 4: Log in the CHRODIS platform

Once you have already signed up, you will be able to access the platform any time with your registered mail and password (see the screenshot above). After logging in, you will land on the DASHBOARD (see the screenshot below).

Step 5: My account (detailed profile)

You can fill in your personal profile information by clicking on your username, near the upper-right corner. A new window will pop up with your account configuration. Your account information can be filled in or modify at any moment (see the screenshot below).

For the personal account details, it is only entitled name and surname of a person, an institution name is not permitted.  However, the mail contact can be of an institution.


NOTE:  It is very important to fill in your ‘INTEREST/COMPETENCY INFO’. Also, you can define your ‘PRIVACY’ and ‘NOTIFICATION preferences’.



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