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The CHRODIS Platform includes a web application aimed at manage all the content (practices and other resources) submitted by the users. 

The Platform differentiates between two kind of contents: 1) Practices, that must follow a peer-review assessment process; and 2) Other content (i.e. documents, images, audio, video, websites, and web tools) that are checked by the Help Desk manager following the Editorial Policy of the Platform.  


CHRODIS Platform Workflow chart


The users can choose any of the Areas of Interest within the Platform to submit their practices. Each Area of Interest is assessed based on its own set of criteria, defined and weighted by a large European consensus process -Delphi process- promoted by CHRODIS

The Practices are assessed by a peer-review system involving two independent reviewers and a final referee -who manages any disagreement between the reviewers-. 

After completing the assessment process, the Practices falling below the tenth percentile threshold are automatically rejected by the Platform. The accepted Practices are then classified as Promising, Good or Best, depending on their overall score. The actual score is never displayed on the CHRODIS Platform but helps the search engine to sort the Practices displayed always with the bests on top.