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5. Submitting a practice

The PRACTICE menu will allow you to submit your practice for assessment.

Step 1: Select the Area of Interest for your practice assessment

First, chose the Area of interest you consider your practice should be included. You can also select a chronic condition related to your practice (see the screenshot below).

Please, fill in the rest of the fields with the appropriate information.  Fields marked with a ‘*’ are required in order to continue.

Additional information can be display by hovering your mouse over the ‘i’ icons next to each field.

NOTE: Bear in mind that the Area of Interest you select will define the set of criteria applied for your practices assessment.

Step 2: Introduce the description of the practice

Clicking on the Practice Description tab, you can start to fill in the fields.

PLEASE NOTE: All fields of the practice descriptions are required in order to continue with the process of submission.  Falling to do so, you will not able to continue to the next step.


At any moment, and during the submission process, you can stop and resume later the task (including modifying the previous responses) as many times as you wish until the practice is finally submitted (see screenshot below).

Step 3: Introduce the Assessment Criteria

Clicking on the Assessment Criteria tab, you can start to fill in the fields.  

At any moment, the user can click on “Save” at the bottom of the screen to save the current state of the form. The user can continue then or resume later from the dashboard (see later in “review state of practices”)

Once you have completed the description of your practice, you will be able to submit the practice for assessment by clicking on the ‘SAVE AND SUBMIT’ button.


PLEASE NOTE: Once submitted you will not be able to access or modify its content.

A message will be displayed on the screen indicating that your practice has been successfully submitted.




The practices passing the assessment process are included in the Clearinghouse. Both the practice description and the assessment information are published in the CHRODIS Platform, thus available to all users.

Practices assessed are rated as: “Best”, “Good” or “Promising”, depending on their global score (see below). 

The CHRODIS Platform will no publish other information about the score of the practice.

Only the submitter of the practice will receive feedback from the assessment.  The feedback includes if the practice has been accepted, its global score, the score for each criteria assessed, and the final comments on the assessment made by the Referee.

Regular users will not have access to any of this information.


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