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5. Practice Assessment Process

The CHRODIS Platform has been built to facilitate the submission, assessment and exchange of practices to prevent chronic conditions and care patients who suffer them. Upon the design of the Platform, it was clear that it will be necessary some sort of assessment system to cope with the volume and variety of the information and ongoing initiatives addressing this topic in order to be usable for those looking for advice on how to implement their own practices and gain insight from experiences all over Europe.

Therefore an assessment process was designed, following the peer review standard, in order to evaluate the goodness of the practices in terms of the criteria produced by several international consensus processes involving experts from each and every of the stakeholders, all across Europe.

The reports resulting from this experience are available at the CHRODIS website

The criteria used to assess the practices are a direct result of this consensus on four different Delphi panels, namely: 1) health promotion and primary prevention, 2) organizational interventions (with particular emphasis in interventions on multimorbid patients), 3) patient-empowerment interventions and 4) Diabetes as a case study, potentially generalizable to any other chronic condition.

The user can choose to send their practice to any of the above mentioned Areas of Interest. The criteria and categories to consider in the evaluating process of a practice, along with their weight in the final score depend on the area of interest in which the practice is evaluated.

Every chronic-care practice submitted will be peer-reviewed. The assessment authorship is anonymous to the submitter and between reviewers and the referee.

Please, continue to the Annex 1 for a general and summarized overview of the assessment process.


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