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1. Which are the objectives of the CHRODIS platform?

The CHRODIS Platform is the first EU-wide collection of practices evaluated on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. It enables policy-makers, health professionals, researchers and patients to find and share good practices assessed by a high-profile international experts group following criteria obtained through scientific methodology.

The Platform has been developed by the Institute of Health Sciences in Aragón and co-financed by the European Union.


2. How the CHRODIS platform works?

The CHRODIS Platform is a virtual community, built upon three pillars:

-The Clearinghouse, an up-to-date repository of best practices, interventions and policies on chronic diseases and healthy ageing evaluated online by a high-profile experts’ team following a set of broadly and scientifically agreed assessment criteria.

-The Digital Library, where external content of interest (documents, video, websites…) for stakeholders, following a strict Editorial Policy, is made available.

-The Help Desk provides services to any audience interested in the identification, validation, exchange and implementation of the knowledge shared on the Platform.


3. How can I subscribe to the platform?

CHRODIS Platform is only accessed by authorized accounts, so it is necessary to sign up to enter to the platform. To create an account, you have to click on ‘Create account’ in the home page, fill all the required fields and click on the ‘Save’ button to continue. Once your registration information has been saved, two e-mails will be sent to your address: one with the verification code and a second one containing an automatically generated temporary password.

Users are expected to validate the code activating the account. This can be done by clicking on the “activation link” contained in the first email. This will lead to a screen with a field text ready for that validation code, clicking on the ‘Verify’ button you will be required to provide the temporary password to sign in the CHRODIS platform for the first time.

If you have further questions, please check the User Manual or contact the Help Desk.


4. What it may happen if I do not receive the verification code mail?

If you do not receive the verification code mail, please check the Spam folder just in case the e-mail was there. If not, please contact the Help Desk to solve the problem.


5. What should I do if I forget the password or reminder question?

You can reset your password any time by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ feature under ‘Create a new account’, and follow the process to get a new password send to your registered e-mail.


6. What should I do if I am not able to log in?

If you have created an account and followed the instructions to validate the account, but still you are not able to log in there is the option to click on ‘Forgot Password’, there you are required to introduce your e-mail address and the captcha, and you will receive an e-mail with a new password. However, if you still have problems accessing the platform, please contact the Help Desk manager who can create a new temporary password for you.


7. How can I unsubscribe from the platform?

To unsubscribe from the platform please directly contact the Help Desk who will proceed to delete your account.


8. Who are allowed to upload a Practice to the Platform?

Any registered user is allowed to upload a Practice to be assessed in the Platform. However, the Practice should meet some basic requirements in order to be considered: it must be a public initiative of general interest or a private one but with no commercial purpose.


9. Who are allowed to upload other contents to the Digital Library?

Any registered user is allowed to upload other contents to the Digital Library following the instructions and observing the Editorial Policy.

The Digital Library collects links to external content than can include text, video and audio, websites, etc. focused on chronic diseases and healthy ageing.


10. How can I upload a Practice to the platform?

To upload a Practice to the platform go to the ‘Submit new content’ tab, once logged in the Platform, you will land on the Dashboard. In the left side you will see the option Submit Practice, clicking there you can start to upload the Practice filling the required fields and following the submission process.

Please, check the User Manual or contact the Help Desk if you have any problem or question with the process of submitting a Practice.


11. Who and how is going to assess the Practice uploaded?

The Practices uploaded to the CHRODIS Platform are assessed by a team of experts in each area of interest: diabetes, health promotion and prevention, multimorbidity and patients’ empowerment, following a set of criteria obtained through experts’ consensus and scientific methodology.

Each Practice is assessed by a blind-peer review process by two reviewers and a referee, who rate them as Best, Good or Promising, related to global pool of good practices within CHRODIS. The practices passing the assessment process are included in the Clearinghouse, thus available to all users. However, only the submitter of the Practice will receive feedback and the final comments made by the Referee. Regular users will have access only to the information on the practice without feedback or comments.


12. How can I become a reviewer or referee?

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer or a referee in any of the Areas of interest you should register in the Platform as a user and contact the Help Desk. Your request will be assessed and, if it is accepted, the Help Desk will activate the relevant permits and you will automatically receive Practices to be assessed. The online tool would distribute the practices according to the workload of each reviewer/referee and send an email notifying the task assigned.

Please, check the Reviewer/Referee Manual to discover how to assess a practice.


13. What it is the procedure to follow if I do not agree with the outcome of the assessment?

Results from the assessment process are final and can’t be discussed with the reviewers. Of course, one of the aim of the assessment process is to offer feedback that can contribute to the improvement of the practice, thus users will be encouraged to re-submit the practice after modifying or adding the required information to the assessment following the guidance offered by the referee.


14. How can I retrieve a Practice that has been cancelled?

CHRODIS Platform will automatically cancel a practice that wasn’t completely uploaded after 90 days of inactivity. You can retrieve your practice by selecting ‘Actions-new version’ under My Practices and all the data appear again in the ‘In process practice’. There, you can see the practices you are still editing and clicking on the ‘Action’ button you can either resume or submit it for assessment.


15. How can I upload other content to the Digital Library?

The Digital Library collects links to external content than can include text, video and audio, websites, etc. focused on chronicity.

To submit content to the Digital Library, you must create an account and log in the Platform. Once in the Dashboard, please click ‘Submit other content’ and follow the process filling in all the required fields. The submission of contents to the Digital Library is only possible once the user has read and agreed the CHRODIS Terms of use and the Digital Library Editorial Policy and has declared, after consideration, that there are no potential conflicts of interest.

Please, check the User Manual, chapter 6, if you have any problem or doubt, or you can contact the Help Desk.


16. The content uploaded to the Digital Library will automatically appear in the Platform?

No. Content submission does not guarantee publication in the Digital Library. The Help Desk manager, acting as DL editor, is responsible of the supervision of any content submitted and therefore has the prerogative to determine whether it should be approved for publication considering the editorial principles.

Please, check the CHRODIS Platform Digital Library Editorial Policy before submitting any content.


17. How can I get in contact with the Help Desk manager?

A Help Desk will be available at office time for assistance on any issue regarding the Platform. Please, feel free to contact the Help Desk manager by e-mail: or by phone: +34 976 715517 /+34 976 716861.