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5.4. Assessment process of a practice

Once a practice on your Area of Interest is assigned to you for assessment, you will receive a notification by e-mail (see example below).


Enviado el: <Date>
Para: <Name-of-the-reviewer/referee>
Asunto: [CHRODIS Platform] New practice for assessment

Dear <Name-of-the-reviewer/referee>:

You have been assigned a new Practice entitled "<Title of the Practice submitted>" to be reviewed through the CHRODIS Platform.

CHRODIS Platform

Having Trouble? Contact our Help Desk at


You will need to log in the CHRODIS Platform with your registered e-mail and password (see screenshot below).

Once logged in the CHRODIS Platform, you access directly to the Dashboard where you will find information regarding your Activity (‘My Practices’). Additionally, you will find on the bottom left of the lateral menu the section ‘Assessments’. Clicking on the Practice button under this section you will find the practices assigned waiting for assessment.  

Once you click on the ‘Practices’ button on the Assessments section, you will find the practices waiting for your assessment under the ‘Assigned Practices’ tab (see screenshot below).


Practices are listed by Area of Interest, Title and Assignment Date. You can sort them by clicking on each heading box.

Please, click on the Assessbutton (see screenshot below) to start the assessment process.


 Note that Practices are displayed in two different tabs:

1) ‘Practice Description’, containing main information characterizing the practice and… (See screenshots below)



2) ‘Practice Assessment’, containing the responses given by the submitter to each criterion and categories for that Area of Interest (see screenshot below).

The ‘Practice Assessment’ tab includes the submitter’s responses to each category within the criteria. The categories are designed as a check list with YES/NO questions. The submitter has to answer whether the Practice complies with the category or not and justify this answer by providing the description of what they do or a sound explanation on how they do it. You will be able to find the arguments provided by the submitter below each Criteria heading (see screenshot above).

You are expected to complete the assessment only with the information provided in both tabs.

To complete the assessment, you will be asked to express your level of agreement, given the information provided by the submitter about the practice, with the answer of each category. You can rate your level of agreement by using a Likert scale (from 1 'Fully disagree' to 5 'Fully agree), clicking on the number you want (see screenshot below).

Whenever the submitter has responded ‘No’ to any category, this category should be considered not fulfilled unless you find any evidence on the contrary anywhere in the practice, thus it should be marked with a ‘1’. However, as you may consider a practice complies at a certain degree with a category even if the submitter has answered ‘No’, you will still be able to rate that category for the full score. Please, note that this case should be considered exceptional and you are encouraged to justify your rate for those categories in the final comments at the bottom of the form.

There is a different set of criteria and categories for each Area of Interest with specific weights obtained by an international consensus panel of experts. Practices are rated over 100 points of score, distributed unevenly along criteria. Categories within each criterion add up to 100 points. Therefore, when you choose the level of agreement equal to 1, you are actually assigning 0 points to that category, thus giving the maximum weight of that category when you choose 5 as your level of agreement.

You can SAVE your assessment at any time by clicking the ‘SAVE’ button at the bottom of the page (see screenshot below). The CHRODIS Platform will allow you to resume the assessment saved at any time from your Dashboard.

Once you have completed the assessment of all categories you can also provide personal remarks about the practice or the assessment process that will only be viewed by the Referee (see screenshot below).

In order to finish your assessment, you must click on the ‘Save and Submit’ button (see screenshot above).


WARNING: Once you click on the ‘Save and Submit’ button, you will no further be able to modify your assessment.

Please, note that you can contact the Help Desk for any question it may arise during the assessment process.


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