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5.4.1. Assessment process of a practice (Referees)

Once the two reviewers have finished their assessment the CHRODIS Platform will automatically notify you that you have been assigned a new practice to assess. You can follow the instructions provided on section 5.4 on this manual to access the practice to be assessed.

The Referees are expected to solve any disagreement between the two reviewers, thus determining the final score for the Practice. Whether there would be or no disagreement between the reviewers, the referee will still have responsibility to determining the final score; although he/she is expected to respect the consensus among peers (see screenshot below).

The final score of the Practice, along with the score of each Criterion, is automatically calculated by the CHRODIS Platform. Once the assessment process is concluded, the practice is classified in four categories, depending on its global score. Those practices that are not able to reach a global score over the first percentile (up to 10 points) are considered ‘rejected’ by the Platform. Accepted practices are stored in the Platform’s Clearinghouse and later classified into three categories, namely ‘Promising’, ‘Good’ or ‘Best’ depending on their score.

The Referees can add final remarks to the practice assessment which will be included in the Assessment report received by the submitter.




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